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in Zurich
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The advantage of our free trade zone company is that we can import cigars and put them in our TF warehouse, without paying EU import fees, local value added taxes, and local protectionist taxes. We can re-export the cigars without paying taxes. As long as our cigars do not enter Spain or Swizterland , we do not pay taxes on our cigars.
That's a huge saving
. And is reflected in our specials prices to you. All our cigars are controlled by customs. Once in our warehouse, customs controls our inventory through the CEDOP (inventory software in the customs server). We have to update all inventory movement in their server. We also get spot inventory checks, and spot document checks. Thus, we can only deal with Authentic Cuban Cigars. Unfortunately we only can offer these advantages to our clients some times.
Make your order NOW. We have limited units

HabanoDirect offers ONLY top-quality authentic Cuban Cigar Brands.
Suitably conserved in our caves for shipment in ideal fresh conditions.
Worldwide wholesalers of authentic Habano Cigars since 1947.

“Genuiness of our Cuban cigars are guaranteed by Habanos and Altadis “Seal of Authenticity”. Our cigars are sent to you in hermetically sealed packaging in order to preserve freshness fully protected and in perfect conditions”